About Rev. M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D.

Rev. M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D., has been an ordained minister for over 15 years. She has performed many ceremonies over the years and is always delighted to officiate at all types of ceremonies - with weddings being high on her list. Her training as a minister expands over the course of 30 years with a specialized interest in meditation and spirituality. She is also a practitioner and teacher in the yoga tradition - which she loves for the wonderful benefits to the body and mind. One of the highlights of her week is teaching yoga to senior citizens and the general public.

Rev. Mala is also a Counseling Psychologist in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia where she specializes in general psychology and mind-body medicine. Her interest in the integration of the body, mind and spirit has moved her into forming a company called Positive Health Solutions. Within this venue, Rev. Dr. Cunningham has developed specialized programs in Cardiac Medical Yoga for Heart Patients, Yoga and Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Developing Intuition, and Finding Your Spiritual Path. Rev. Mala is an author, educator, speaker, minister, and entrepreneur. She is a national and international speaker and has been featured in TV, print media, and radio. Her joy in life is serving others and spending time with friends and family.

Office Address:
Inspired Life Ceremonies
1110 Rose Hill Drive, Suite 100
Charlottesville, VA. 22903

Phone: 434.296.7100

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