Questions & Answers

Q: How can I reserve the date for our wedding with you as our officiant?

A: When you sign and return the Wedding Contract and provide a $200.00 retainer (part of the total fee), your date will be reserved. I encourage you to not wait too long to reserve your date. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Do we have to get married in a church?

A: No, you can be married anywhere, i.e. in your home, a hall, a garden or park, on a riverboat, on an overlook, in a restaurant or a reception hall. The options are almost endless.

Q: What are the requirements for getting married in Virginia?

A: The first step is for both of you to bring your proper ID to any Circuit Court Clerk's office to obtain a Marriage License. The typical fee is $30.00. Your Marriage License is good for 60 days and can be used anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There is no waiting period; and no blood tests or witnesses are required in Virginia. For further information on circuit court locations and legal requirements please visit the following website: Virginia Judicial System.

Q: What are your overall services and fees?

My services include: initial consultation, planning meeting, design and creation of the ceremony, editing and re-writes, ongoing consultation by phone, travel costs (unless farther than 45 minutes from Charlottesville), performing the actual ceremony, and legal filing of the marriage license. Fees: Standard fees for Central Virginia are approximately $675.00 for a total package wedding ceremony. This fee includes my years of experience, creative efforts in ceremony development, flexibility, sense of humor, awareness of details that are essential to a great ceremony, spiritual integrity, and my absolute love for doing marriage ceremonies.

Extra expenses might include: travel time (beyond 45 minutes from Charlottesville), overnight stays for out of town weddings, and rehearsal time.

Q: Can we honor family members or deceased loved ones in our ceremony?

A: Yes. We will work carefully with you to add this special element to your wedding ceremony.

Q: What do you wear for the ceremony?

A: I wear professional clothing suitable for all types of weddings.

Q: What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

A: Most renewal of vows are done at special anniversaries or when a couple reunites after a separation. These ceremonies can be very touching, as there are usually wonderful memories and stories to share. The ceremony is performed the same as the first marriage with most couples writing their own vows and sharing romantic stories.

Q: We were married in a small civil ceremony at the County Courthouse and no one knows (or we just want to retake our vows). Can we get married again in a ceremony with our friends and family?

A: Yes. The only thing that changes is that now there is no filing of any paperwork, as you should have already received your license. It would be up to you as to how to present the ceremony to your friends and family. I would perform the ceremony as an officiate the same as I would any couple. Most call this a "re-commitment" ceremony but no one needs to know if you don't want them to.

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