Weddings - Steps to Using My Services

Our Initial Meeting

In the initial contact we will discuss date availability and once that is cleared we will set up our first meeting either by phone, Skype or in person. In this meeting we will:


Once you make the decision that you would like me to officiate at your wedding, all parties would sign the Wedding Officiate Contract. You would then send this contract back to me along with a deposit of $200.00 to secure my services for your wedding date.

Questionnaire and Planning Stage

After we receive your contract and deposit we will send you a Wedding Questionnaire and will then begin the Planning Stage. The Wedding Questionnaire is an important part of the Planning Stage, as it will help us determine what you envision for your special day.

We will create and design your wedding ceremony based on two areas of input, as follows: 1) the answers to your Wedding Questionnaire (which will include your ideas for readings, music, poetry etc. and 2) advice, suggestions and creative ideas that we will offer you for planning the ceremony. Your thoughts, beliefs, dreams and wishes are of the utmost importance in the planning stage. Together, we will make sure that your ceremony is meaningful, special, and uniquely yours.

Here are the components of a wedding ceremony that are helpful to consider during the planning stage:

Performing the Ceremony

When we arrive on your wedding day, we will plan to meet with your event planner or a designated person for any final logistical information and review. We are also there to help provide the bride and groom with any calming influence or support that we can offer.

Marriage License

The law mandates that the wedding officiate be provided with 2 copies of your Marriage License in advance of the ceremony. (Please see Q & A page for information on obtaining your marriage license). Within 5 business days after your wedding we will fill out and submit your Marriage License to the appropriate court that it was obtained from. If you need copies of your Marriage License you can order and obtain it from the specific court locality that you received your license from.

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