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bridal party wedding We delight in creating the perfect wedding ceremony for you. Our job is to serve you and to help you manifest your ideal ceremony. We can officiate at and create ceremonies that are: Spiritual, Religious, Interfaith, or Civil and Personal. Whatever type of ceremony you would like, we can assist you in helping make your dreams come true.

We will work closely with you to design your ceremony to reflect your love, values and commitment. Whatever type of ceremony you choose we will make sure it is tailored according to your unique preferences.

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wedding at Boar's Head Inn with Hot Air Balloons

1. Spiritual (but not religious) Ceremonies:  Many couples these days are seeking Spiritual, but not religious, ceremonies. It would be our pleasure to create a special Spiritual Ceremony that reflects your love and values. We will carefully review what you envision for your day and we will design your ceremony so that it is a perfect reflection of your unique love, preferences, and spiritual beliefs. We will work closely with you to make sure your ceremony is exactly what you envision.

2. Interfaith or Religious Ceremonies:  We will be happy to assist you in creating a unique and special ceremony that reflects your religious beliefs or we can create a ceremony that blends different religious paths into an Interfaith or Intercultural service. With your input on what you envision, we will provide you with ideas and sample wedding ceremonies that reflect your religious values and preferences.

3. Civil / Personal Ceremonies:  We are here to help you create the perfect ceremony of your dreams. You can choose an elegant, simple, traditional or fun ceremony for your special day. Choose the unique location that reflects your partnership, love, and adventure and we will adapt a ceremony that fits your needs. Whether you choose to get married in a hot air balloon, a park, a winery or at home, we will be there for you with a special ceremony that will be unique to your relationship, love and values.

4. Re-commitment Ceremonies:  Most Re-commitment ceremonies are done at special anniversary times or when a couple reunites after a separation. These services can be very beautiful and touching as there are usually many wonderful memories and stories to share. The ceremony can be performed the same as the first marriage or can be changed to suit your needs and special re-commitment.

couple recommitment ceremony

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